Remembering Robbin Thompson

robbin_thompson_band_the_national-0022Dear Music Lovers of the World,

As we gear up for the 2016 Grammy’s, I have a small request. Take a moment to remember an amazing musician who, like 99% of the world’s most talented musicians, never made it to the Grammy stage but nevertheless made a global impact.

Robbin Thompson–singer, songwriter, husband, (my) dad, and grandfather–passed away just over four months ago. On February 28th we’re having a star-studded tribute concert for him. You should come. And if you can’t, you should read and share these descriptions of his amazing life.

Singer-songwriter Robbin Thompson remembered as ‘real inspiration’

Robbin Thompson Through the Years 

Robbin Thompson, Singer in Bruce Springsteen’s Early Band Steel Mill, Dies at 66

Remembering Robbin Thompson (via

Most musicians lead unassuming lives. They don’t make red-carpet money. They don’t live red-carpet lives. Their love of music sustains them. As we celebrate the exceptions tonight, let’s remember the contributions of the heart-full many.