Professional Woman’s Guide to Surviving Maternity Leave

As a new mom, I felt prepared for many aspects of life with a newborn: the sleepless nights, the numerous trips to the pediatrician, the emotional rollercoaster that transported me back to my angsty teenage days (only now I’ve replaced my babydoll tee with a baby sling and wear a lot less eyeliner). But what I wasn’t prepared for is the new mindset I would have to suddenly commit to, one that’s completely antithetical to my usual working woman brain.

Let me explain: Your first few weeks as a mom comes with a series of paradoxical feelings. You are incredibly busy yet unbearably bored. You accomplish so much (I kept a child alive with nothing but my breasts and a bouncy seat!), yet get nothing done (I’ll never have a clean kitchen again). You feel protective and confident (Don’t tell me what to do with my baby, Mom!), yet clueless and insecure (I have no idea how to raise a child). It’s enough to drive any woman, especially one who’s accustomed to organized project plans and punctual kick-off meetings, crazy.

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