Why Your Job Search Is Like Going to Prom

I experienced an array of emotions during my recent job search: excitement, uncertainty, and insecurity, among others.  Each time I left an interview, I found myself replaying my responses over and over in my head, creating an endless list of possible misinterpretations of my words.  At one point I convinced myself that I hadn’t landed a job because a comment I made about a local frozen yogurt shop had been considered racist.

As I was torturing myself and staring longingly at my phone, waiting for a call from the employer of my dreams, I was overcome with a sense of deja vu.  Hadn’t I felt these feelings before–this fear of rejection, this need to be accepted and praised?  Oh yeah, high school.

While my instinct was to self-medicate the same way I would in high school ( ie scribble in my diary while sipping from a mug of Swiss Miss and blaring some Stabbing Westward on my boom box), I decided instead to write an article about it for The Daily Muse.  You can read it here.